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I enjoy the excitement of bringing color to water and skies.


Patrick Bowes is a local native New Orleanian who first learned seascape painting in Maui, Hawaii under the teaching of Ms. Elaine Starrett. The beauty of the Hawaiian Islands led him to continue his artistic ambition after returning to New Orleans with the experienced teaching of Ms: Emily Sumrall, a longtime local artist and teacher of art.

Patrick enjoys the joy and excitement of bringing color to water and skies and also very much enjoys painting sunsets on sandy beaches to remind him of his favorite island in the Pacific. He looks at these type of scenes as the ones most resembling the vast beauty of our wonderful world and the intense variation every single day holds in it.

In his work world, Patrick is a CPA who operates his own practice on the Westbank of New Orleans in Harvey, and has been practicing his profession for over thirty years. He is married to the former Julie Ann Porche for the last 40 years and together they have three beautiful children, Cory, Celeste, and Katie.

Patrick paints mostly for his own enjoyment, but has been commissioned on several occasions in the past to paint specific seascapes for others. His artwork is presently displayed throughout New Orleans, Destin, Sea Grove, Dallas, Houston, and Orange Beach. His artwork can be purchased by contacting him at this link.

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