Some of my creative work.


Oil Painting

Oil Painting, technique in which pigments are mixed with hot, liquid wax. After all of the colours have been applied to the painting surface, a heating element is passed over them until the individual brush or spatula marks fuse into a uniform film.

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By the time the sun was setting, the sky was painted an array of pink, orange and yellow. The clouds became pink, and the pale glow of the moon was beginning to show.  The water began to reflect the sky as the seagulls started to make their beautiful sound. The color of the water slowly changed as the sun went down to mirror the clouds, sky and moon. Soon only a little sunset is left, revealing the most beautiful colors of nature.  Now the sun is completely gone and the most beautiful colors of the evening appear.

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About My Art

I enjoy the excitement of bringing color to water and skies.


A Little Intro

Patrick Bowes is a local native New Orleanian who first learned seascape painting in Maui, Hawaii under the teaching of Ms. Elaine Starrett. The beauty of the Hawaiian Islands led him to continue his artistic ambition after returning to New Orleans with the experienced teaching of Ms: Emily Sumrall, a longtime local artist and teacher of art.

My Exhibitions

Patrick paints mostly for his own enjoyment, but has been commissioned on several occasions in the past to paint specific seascapes for others. His artwork is presently displayed throughout New Orleans, and also in other residences in New Orleans, Destin, Sea Grove, Dallas, Houston, and Orange Beach. His artwork can be purchased by contacting him at this link.